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Love music? Don't want to bug all your friends every time you find an awesome new track? This is the place to let us know what you've discovered lately.

Rules (more like "guidelines"):

- In your post, tell us what genre your song is, and why the rest of us need to hear it. Be coherent, be persuasive! If you feel the need, mention an artist or two that it resembles.
- Link the song directly. Sendspace works quite well here.
- Use this format - it's so simple that I didn't even think to think of it earlier!

Song: (link)
Streaming Video: (if there is one, specify player)

- No more than one post a day, one song per post. Clutter's a bad thing, and besides, it gives your song more value.

- Give us stuff you really love/have discovered currently, not some track that held a special place in your heart 5 years ago and you have lackluster feelings for at present. We want what you want. In bed.

Think you can follow that? Feel free to join if so. =)